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Friday, October 16, 2020

Pesarapappu idly ( yellow moong dal idly)

Here I am with another healthy idly. Idly is consider very healthy breakfast. Since I am not eating rice,I am trying to make dosa and idly without rice. This idly I made with pesara Pappu aka yellow moong dal and it is super tasty and healthy.

What are the ingredients?

Pesara pappu or yellow moong dal 1 cup soaked for 2 hours And grounded to a thick batter. Add salt as per taste.

For seasoning

Oil 1 tbsp

Curry leaves few chopped

Udat dal 1/2 tsp

Chana dal 1/2 tsp

Green chillies finely chopped 2

Take a small pan, heat oil.add all the above ingredients. Once fried add it to the batter.Mix well

1 tsp cooking Soda, add it to the batter once you are ready to pour the batter in the idly mold.

Grease the idly molds with ghee or oil. Pour the batter into the molds and steam it for 12 minutes.

Sunday, October 04, 2020

Ragi dosa

 My mom is very fond of ragi, she makes ragi Java (porridge) regularly and now after her cancer treatment ragi has became her staple food. She is on liquid diet since last four months. She takes this porridge which my sister prepares it in very liquid form as my mom can’t chew any food. This ragi apart from milk is giving all nutrients my mom needs in a day. Touchwood my mom is recovering well.

Now coming to this post, since I stopped eating any white other than milk and yogurt. I stopped eating rice instead I am substituting rice with millets. I will be posting millets dosa and idles. Today it is ragi dosa. This dosa is done in same way as our regular dosa,it’s just the replacement to rice. Same as regular dosa this dosa too needs to fermented.

How I made this dosa ?

Ragi 2 cups

Udat dal 1 cup

Fenugreek (menthi) 1/2 tsp

Oil to drizzle on dosa

Soak all three in the morning. Grind it into smooth batter. Let the batter rest over night.

Next day morning add salt as per your taste and mix well.

For ragi dosa filing.

One onion finely chopped

One green chilly chopped

Small size tomato chopped

Sesame seeds 1 tbsp

Lemon juice 1/2 tsp

Fresh coconut shredded 1 tbsp

How to make dosa ?

Place a castor iron pan on the stove. Let it get a bit hot. Dip a brush in oil and rub oil on the pan.

Now take a ladle full of batter and make dosa. Drizzle oil on the sides. Let it cook for a minute and flip the dosa.

Let this side too cook for a minute. Turn the dosa. Add the onion mixture and fold the dosa to half.

This dosa doesn’t need any chutney. My husband added nalakaram to the dosa. What he did was before I added the onion mixture,he sprinkled this nalakaram powder and added the onion mixture. It was yummy.

Nalakaram recipe https://mykitchenaroma.blogspot.com/search?q=Nalla

 Check the pictures below which shows comparison of rice dosa with ragi dosa. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New beginning

 It’s almost three years that I updated my blog. Every time I think of starting, I take pictures (bought dslr only for food blogging) and then I don’t do it. Every month I buy memory for my iPad to store my food pictures. In spite of all this I don’t blog.

I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetic it’s not new, but for me it’s a wake Up call. I am quite active by going to gym and counting my steps. Almost everyday I used to take 8000 to 9000 steps. Even during the lockdown I used to walk in the house for alteast 90 minutes. But why I am getting closer to be a diabetic ??

It’s the food. Since working from home and kids at home have been cooking a lot of dishes with white flour or maida and eating deserts. I was so dumb in thinking that jaggery is way better than sugar and no control in eating jaggery. Now the reality has hit me hard and I HAVE to make changes to my eating habits to avoid diabetic medication.  

First thing I did was downloaded a heath app which shows how much I should eat and how much each food items has calories,carbs,fat and fiber.

I stopped eating anything white other than panner,yogurt and milk.

I completely stopped taking tea,replaced it with green tea.

Yoga for one hour 5 to 6 times a week.

Replaced rice with millets. Will be doing posts on that.

And planning to document here what I eat everyday. I have given myself 3 months. It’s been one and a half month and with all these changes I am feeling light. I have reduced a bit but not disclosing here as I want to keep this as suspense until I achieve My ideal weight. For me the most important is reducing my sugar levels and with that I may loose some fat too. 

Bye for now.