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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Biyyam Vadiyalu


Vadiyalu is a type of fitters which are prepared in the summer and eaten the whole year until the next summer comes.They are many types of vadiyalu which are cooked and dried under
the sun.I never made vadiyalu myself,when i was with my mom she used to make the batter early in the morning and we all used to put vadiyalu on our terace.Usually the hot batter in taken by hand or a spoon and are kept on a wet cloth to dry.In the evening my mom used to bring them and used to peel the vadiyalu from the cloth and again they are dried for another two days not necessarliy on the terace.And these can be stored for more than year and can be fried when ever required. After getting married my mom sends me vadiyalu without fail.These vadiyalu mom made few days back.


Raw rice soaked overnight 2 cups
Salt as per taste
Cumin 1 tbsp
Green chillies crushed 5


Grind the raw rice into smooth batter similar to dosa batter.

Boil 3 cups of water.Add salt,cumin seeds and green chillies to the boiling water.

Then slowly add the batter stirring continuously.Let it cook for 5 minutes and the batter becomes very thick.

Take a cloth, spread it on the floor and sprinkle water.

Wet your hands and put vadiyalu on the cloth preferably a cotton saree.

Let it dry for a one day.Bring it back in the evening and remove vadiyalu from the cloth.

Again dry it for another 3-4 days and store in a air tight container.

Deep fry when required.


  1. My Mom sent me a box of these rice based fritters last week . Same Pinch :-) Yummy...

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. hey v,
    U made me nostalgic....mom and I used sit spooning the vodi (in konkani) under the hot sun...:P

    Thanks for ur version of the recipe, lovely pictures.

  3. Its a nice fryum...I have eaten it once...tasted great...

  4. Chala bagunnayi vadiyalu.. memu kooda start chesam vadiyalu pettatam.. thanks for sharing :)

  5. looks delicious haven't made these thank you for sharing on how it is done

  6. My fav with sambar rice,love it anytime..

  7. This is one of fav vadiyam !! looks so inviting and delicious !!

  8. looks delicious and so tempting vadiyalu .....
    Happy to follow u ......

  9. Looks like the cloth gave away the color is that y the vadiyalu look blue?


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