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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Peanut Ladoo


Peanuts 1 cup
Jaggery 1cup (grated)
Ghee 2 tbsp


Roast peanuts and remove skin.Keep aside.
Take jaggery in a thick bottom vessel and add 5 tbsp of water.Let the jaggery melts.
Now make a thin syrup.
When syrup is done*.Switch off the stove and take the bowl down on the floor.
Add ghee and peanuts.Mix thoroughly and take the peanuts in a flat plate.
Wet your hands and make ladoos into your preferred sizes.These ladoos can be stored for long.

*To check whether the syrup is done or not take a bowl with water.Pour a teaspoon of syrup into the water.With your fingers gather the syrup into a ball.If a ball is formed then the syrup is ready.


  1. we buy this everytime we go shopping..should try it sometime..

  2. They look so great and crunchy, feel like taking a bite into one of them.

  3. Mmmmmmmm, loved the peanut laddus. Can have it any time any number:):)

  4. Do you know that peanut ladoo's are very addictive. I cannot stop with one. I dont have a recipe for it. Thanks for posting this one for me to refer.

  5. perfectly done..looks so yummy..the method of checking the syrup consistency is really a good idea.

  6. My all time favourite, love it..

  7. Yummy laddoo.. looks tempting and healthy.. perfect presentation!!

  8. Ilove these and every time when i go to india i buy from the shops, but never made them home.

  9. perfect laddoo s saritha looks so mouthwatering hummm.

  10. Peanuts and jaggery are such an amazing combination!! This will go wonderfully with a cup of hot tea!!

  11. This is really healthy..But u know what..Making the syrup of jaggery is a real task...It comes only to professional or with practice

  12. nice snack for evening time ..

  13. Had this before but never made myself, looks delicious and would love to try this...

  14. One of my favorite things to snack on :)

  15. Peanut ladoos look delicious nad absolutely yummy.
    My 1st visit here following your blog.Do drop by simplyfood sometime.


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