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Friday, August 14, 2009

Besan curry


Yet times when i don't feel like going out to buy vegetables i resort making something jatpat as well as yummy.This curry goes very well with hot rotis and i learnt this from my m-law.


Onion 1 sliced
Green chillies 2 silted
Tomato 1 chopped
Ginger 1/2" pc
Besan/Chanaga pindi 5 tbsp
Lemon juice 2 tbsp

Rai 1/2 tsp
Red chillies 2
Curry leaves few


Mix besan with little water and keep aside.
Head kadai,add all the seasoning and when curry leaves are fried add ginger,onions and green chillies.Fry for just 2 minutes (don't fry it completely).
Add tomatoes and fry just about done,be careful not to fry completely.Add 2 cups of water.
Bring into boil.Add besan into the boiling water and stir simultaneously.Cook for 3-4 minutes until semi liquid.
Just before serving add lemon juice and serve it with rotis.

This curry is going to participate in the Side dish for chapathi event by viki of elite foods


  1. Varunavi,the basan curry looks so colorful and tempting..would love to try this unique flavoured one !!

  2. Looks yummy and super easy to make..

  3. this is such a simple and yummy recipe.....collect ur awards from my blog

  4. i never made this but looks like soup

  5. Yummy and very fast. Looks good.

    Varunavi, there is a request from my wife, Seema, to suggest some more vegetarian cuisines that you are an expert at.

  6. Simple and delicious curry.... nice pic :)

  7. Besan curry looks lovely and new to me!

  8. Yummy besan curry..! We add brinjal and potato in it and call this as kosthu! Yummy..

  9. Looks lovely, nice side dish for rotis.

  10. I usually make it using buttermilk instead of water. Yours look so tempting and yum :)

  11. hummmmm yummmy and easy to make curry it is a fav. with puri at my place looks yum.

  12. wow!wat a colorful click!
    Simple!perfect with rotis...luv this dish..will try it soon.

  13. Simple but yet delicious, prefect pair for rotis!

  14. Nice click.. looks really yummy & tempting.. quick side dish..

  15. This curry sounds simple and sounds like a great accompaniment to rice and chapathis.

  16. Hmm besan curry sounds very interesting and simple to make

  17. i love to have this with roti..i make in a different way..but surely i wl try this version.. :)

  18. this is my hubby's fav, he takes this with idli/chapathi.

  19. hi ,
    i loved the curry ,there is only one thing that puzzled me why salt was not added,because the taste was there with chillies ,ginger and lime ,but i felt salt was missing ,when i did it and tasted,normally in south india salt is a must ,this may be rajasthani curry ,may be so ,no salt? is that it?


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