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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bellam Kommulu (sweet muruku) -- Diwali special



Channa flour (chanaga pindi) 1 kg
Rice flour 1 cup
Jaggery (bellam) 500 gms
Elachi 2 (powdered)
Ghee 250 gms
Oil for deep frying


Mix channa flour and rice flour thoroughly.Warm ghee and add it to the channa flour.Make a soft dough by adding little water.
Now slowly add water and knead a dough which is little more softer than the puri dough.

Heat a kadai with oil enough to deep fry. Once the oil is hot enough, simmer to low flame.

Take the big holes Muruku Aachu, wash and wipe it clean. Then divide the dough into equal balls.
Fill the Muruku maker with the dough. You can either press it directly in the oil or press over a paper or plate and gently slide it down into the hot oil.

Press muruku in the hot oil.Let it cook for 1 min and turn it.Once the bubbles in the oil reduces,then the muruku is done,mostly it will be in light brown colour.Remove it from the hot oil and press muruku with the left over dough.

In a another big vessel take jaggery,elachi and little water.Boil until thick,to check whether the syrup is done or not,take a small plate with little water,add the a tsp syrup and when touched with finger if it forms a ball than the syrup is done.Keep it down on the floor.

Break the muruku into small pcs and add it to the syrup.Don't mix it with spoon or ladle,just hold the bowl with cloth on both the sides and turn the vessel so that all the muruku is coated with the jaggery syrup.Remove and let it cool.Store in a air tight container.It taste best after one day.

This muruku i made it for the first time and it tasted quite well.But one major disaster was averted.Usually i press the muruku directly into the hot oil.Some how my instinct told me not to do, so i pressed few on a plate and transferred them into the hot oil.After finishing two batches when i tried to press another one on the plate the muruku press spring and the handle came off with much pressure that the top lid of the muruku pressing machine came off,had it been on the hot oil i would have got burn injuries and my baby was also present in the kitchen.Later i didn't had courage to make anything with the left dough.So i want to tell my readers/friends to be careful in using muruku pressing machine.The below picture says everything.
Have a wonderful and SAFE Diwali.


  1. Wow. delicious sweet! Happy diwali dear!

  2. I have never had them home made, i love these.
    Looks yumm.

  3. we call it monaharam in tamil..love it..looks yumm

  4. Wish you and your family a Happy Deepavalli! I love the jaggery coated Murukku.

  5. Murukku came out perfect,yumm..Happy Diwali...

  6. Nice recipe.....Hope nothing wrong happend.Pray god for all good.Wish u a safe Deepawali.

  7. Oh lovely! I love these. We call them manoharam:)

  8. Bellam kommulu are looking soooo delicious...I love them so much but they are almost extinct these days!!!!!!!!Thank u for sharing the recipe

  9. Wow! Interesting sweet murukku, thanks for sharing.

    Happy diwali to you and your family dear Varunavi, may this diwali light up your life with prosperity and lots of happiness!!!

  10. Thank God Everyone Safe.Have Safe and Wonderful Diwali!

  11. Delicious sweet murukku Saritha... that is true what you said about the murukku press... we have to be carefeul and I also make sure that I keep the frying part always in the rear side on my stove to avoid direct spill if any... and we have to be careful even when using murukku press.... good that nothing happened... Wishes to you and your family and Happy and safe Diwali !!!

  12. lovely muruku... and thanks for the reminder to be safe. Happy Diwali...

  13. Aw! Sweet murukku! It's so tempting and delicious!

  14. hmm nice murukku dear..
    Glad that nothing happened...these kind of experience expertize us in kitchen...:)

  15. my grandmother use to make it...ur post brought back memories :))))
    Have a wonderful diwali

  16. Sweet murukku very new to me..Looks yummy..oh my god, thats really a big disaster, its happened once to me too yaar..Have a safe and prosperous diwali dear..

  17. Hi Varunavi, I make them too and just can't control eating them.

  18. Lovely murukku. Wishes for a happy & prosperous Diwali to you and your family.

  19. yammy manoharam.... i miss my mom...


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