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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chicken Stew

Life has been very busy. I work for 8 hours a day and by the time i come back home i am exhausted. Then after coming home has to sit with the kids studies,cooking,cleaning....off to bed dead tired. Most of my friends here cook only on Saturdays and Sundays. The following week it's just reheat and eat it. But myself and husband don't prefer that. I do a lot of cooking on Saturdays and Sundays. But what ever is left i carry that for my lunch but for kids i cook fresh in the morning. And my kids too don't prefer reheating and eating it. This stew i made few days months back and now it is seeing been posted on my blog.


Chicken 1 pound
Potatoes 2 cubed
Green beans 15-20
Pepper powder 1 tsp
Coriender powder 1 tbsp
Onions 1 chopped
Green chillies 3 slited
Turmeric 1tsp
Oil 3  tbsp
salt to taste


Heat oil add onions and green chillies. Add chicken, fry until golden brown colour. Now add coriander powder and turmeric powder.Sauté for a minute. Add salt.

Add potatoes cubes and green beans. Cover and cook till the potatoes are soft.

Take out few potatoes and mash them. Add the mashed potatoes along with 1 glass of water.

Sprinkle pepper powder. Let the gravy thickens. If you like add coriander leaves.

This stew is minus coconut milk and i don't prefer coconut milk so this is my version of stew.