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It's a small attempt to post the recipes learnt and tested in my kitchen.
Hope u enjoy your stay.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kakarakaya Karam

I love Kakarakaya (bitter gourd) in a form. Be it fry, pulusu or this karam.  I like to eat this karam with hot rice and ghee.


Kakarikaya 7-8. Chopped into small rounds

Udad dal 1 tbsp

Channa dal 1tbsp

Coriander seeds 1/2 tbsp

Tamarind small pc

Garlic 2-3 pcs

Dry red chillies 6-8

Dry roast all the ingredients except kakarikaya and tamarind.

In a pan take 7-8 tbsp of oil. Fry kakarikaya in hot oil till kakarikaya turns crispy. Now take out kakarikaya from oil and along with dry ingredients,tamarind and salt, grind into coarse powder.

Red chillies and tamarind can be adjusted according to once taste buds. First grind dry ingredients and add kakarikaya to get the kakarikaya crumbs.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Masala buns

I have been  making this big bun since a while. And every time I make I change few ingredients. Sometimes it's just plain buns and sometime it's a desi twist or  Italian twist. Today I am posting desi and Italian buns. The adds on like the oregano,jalapeƱos etc can be added according to once taste. Readers can play around with the ingredients. Here is the receipe.


Butter 4 tbsp
Egg 1
Milk 2 tbsp
1.5 cup water
All purpose flour 5 cups
Instant yeast 3/4 tsp
Salt 1 tbsp
Sugar 3 tbsp

Additional ingredients:-
JalapeƱos few
Chilly flakes 1 tbsp
Oregano 1 tbsp
Thyme 1 tbsp
Basil 1 tbsp
Cumin 1 tbsp

How to make the buns ?

Mix water with butter,egg and milk.

Mix dry ingredients, flour, yeast, salt and sugar. And also add additional ingredients.

Now mix the wet and dry ingredients. Knead the dough well and let it rest for one hour.

Wrap a wet towel on the bowl and keep in a warm place in the kitchen.

After one hour again knead the dough. Make small balls and arrange them on a creased baking tray

with gap of 2 inches between each balls.

Now again cover it with a wet cloth for another one hour.

After one hour, apply melted butter and bake in preheat oven for 12 minutes at 350 degrees F.

Yummy buns are ready. I love to eat my buns with hot cup of tea and my kids like to apply little butter.