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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kadala Curry

If you live or lived in Dubai you wouldn't have missed eating kadala curry. Every cafeteria sells parato with kadala curry.  When i was in Dubai when ever i felt i need to take a break from cooking we used to order parato with kadala curry. Never attempted to make this at home. The other day i was soaking this kadala i suddenly remembered about this curry which is quite famous in Kerala.

The googled for the recipe and i got the recipe from Spicy Chilly.What a curry it was and my taste buds are nodding with me that indeed i satisfied them. Spicy Chilly is a website of a very talented and versatile blogger and her pictures are awesome.I have been following that blog since long and i do read her post but I don't comment much. Now coming to the recipe,i didn't change anything in the recipe i followed the recipe to the core so i am not posting the recipe. For the recipe  this link .Like the previous post here too I am just posting the picture.Enjoy and happy cooking...

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