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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Day To Celebrate with Gulab Jamoons

25th Jan 2009 is the day when i started my blog.It's been a wonderful year.Posted 181 post with 200+ recipes.My blogging all started when i met my classmate in a social networking site.The journey so far has been wonderful and entertaining.In this virtual world met so many like minded people and brought close to few of them.Hugs to all my readers and friends and special hugs to Padma rekha of plantain leaf and Lubna of yummy food,without support from you both i don't think i would have completed one year of blogging.

I am celebrating my blog anniversary with gulab jamoon.The recipe i got it from a omani friend.I have tried making gulab jamoons many times and not once i got it right.Then one day i was cleaning my old hand bag and i got a paper which has this recipe written by my omani friend 7 years back.7 long years the recipe was laying with me and i was searching for a perfect and easy recipe to make jamoons.The jamoons came out very well with this recipe and i am making them again on 1st feb on my daughter's birthday.


Milk powder 2 cups

Maida 2tsp

Oil 1tsp

Eggs 2

Baking powder 2tsp

Sugar 2 cups

Water 1cup

Beat egg and keep aside

Mix milk powder,maida and baking powder

Slowly add egg to the milk powder and make a soft dough (don't just add the entire egg to the milk powder,slowly with tablespoon add the egg and if egg is left discard it)

Apply oil to the hands and make small balls.

Heat a pan with enough oil for deep frying.Once the oil is hot,minimise the heat.

Fry jamoons in low heat only carefully turning them.When they are fried on high,inside of the jamoons are not cooked,so always they have to be fried on low heat.

Meanwhile mix water and sugar and let it come to one boil.Remove from the stove.

Once jamoons are light brown in colour transfer them into the sugar syrup.

Can be served immediately or can be served later.

I love to eat gulab jamoons hot and with vanilla ice cream.

I am grateful to you all who visit my blog,read and comment.Your comments are like back bone to my blog,without your comments i don't think i would have completed one year of blogging.


  1. Congrats on your 1st Blog Anniversary Saritha. Wishes to achieve many more and nice way to celebrate with a delicious and soft jamoons. They look so nice in color and very spongy.

  2. first of all congrats for reaching your first milestone..

    Hmm..what a perfect sweet to celebrate..i like the recipe, different and new ..i read once somewhere else too about addition of eggs in gulab jamun but haven't tried this way but now will try soon as you said that it came out perfect and looks too delicious too..

  3. WOW would love to grab that bowl.

  4. Congrats dear..yummy jamun...keep rocking

  5. Congrats dear...
    Jamun luks fabulous!

  6. hey Varunavi,
    Congratulations on the Mile stone achievement!!
    Hugs and best wishes to you and may u continue with the same enthu :) God Bless!
    Jamuns look plump and yummm

  7. Thanx padma,preety,shama,A2Z and suparna

  8. Thanx sanghi,i am trying to comment on ur blog since long but i am not able to find comment form,its my net problem or something else???

  9. looks yumm...happy blogversary..

  10. Happy b'day to you delicous blog. And a wonderful delicous sweet to celebrate the event?

  11. Hey Varunavi,congrats on ur blog ann. Loved the jamuns, too soft and fresh. Wish could grab one at least from ur bowl :):)Has been clicked well to reflect the freshness of the jamun.


  12. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on the Kilometer stone! BTW, Gulab Jamun looks delicious and droolworthy!

  13. Hearty congrats dear...it's been an year long saga....i feel i met u yesterday and we became buddies just yesterday....time ran so fast dear....wish u many more yum years to come....may the aroma of u r kitchen bring lot of joy to u....thank u for being there always.....

    Never heard of adding eggs in jamuns.....they look very soft and yum....

  14. Congrats Saritha, wishing u more and more beautiful things in this blogshpere, beautiful soft jamuns..

  15. Congratulations!!! Gulab Jamuns look fantastic!!

  16. Wow those jamuns are looking so good!..Congrats on the milestone!

  17. Ohh congrats Saritha wish you many more years like this enjoy cooking and keep bloging
    sorry dear since i came here became little bussy just now i saw ur comment will mail u soon....
    ohh jamuns looks so soft and tempting hummm enjoyyy...........

  18. Congratulations, beautiful blog and these gulab jamuns are gorgeous, I love gulab jamuns

  19. Just came across your page and thought to inform you. Gulab Jamun is a pure vegetarian dish (WITH NO EGG IN IT). The correct way to make Gulab Jamun is by mixing Maida and Khoya (condensed milk - not the tinned one)..

  20. Dear anonymous the recipe i wrote is from a friend who lives in muscat(oman) and gulab jamun is made in middle east as well.Middle eastern people are more of non-vegetarians than vegetarians.This gulab jamun is there way of making it.


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