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Friday, September 17, 2010



I ate avial only once in a kerala restuarant on a onam day where they served onam sadya.I thought it involves lot of work to make this curry.Deeps my friend who blogs at perceptions shared her recipe which is quite easy to make and very tasty as well.Thanks deeps for the wonderful recipe.Here goes her recipe


Carrot 1
Beans few
Drum stick 1
Yam  few pcs of 1'' size
Potatoes 1
Capsicum 1
Raw banana 1/2 pc
Oil for seasoning 1 tbsp
Curry leaves few

Make a paste of the below ingredients:-

Fresh coconut 1 cup
Curd 1/2 cup
Green chillies 4-5



Chop all the veggies into long equal size pcs.

Boil the veggies until done but not so soft.

Add the grounded coconut mixture into the veggies.

Mix gently.Add salt.

Boil for few more minutes until your kitchen is filled with the nice aroma of coconut.

I did a mistake of adding more water and avial was watery.I had to boil for longer time so that the curry thickens.So avoid adding water.

Surprisingly my mom liked this curry,she is very choosy  and she prefers her cooking than my cooking.


  1. i love avial. my wife cooks it well too.

  2. I love aviyal made by my mom.Nice click..:)

  3. I luvvvv avial too :)
    I usually make it with only ash gourd as Su likes it that way, but i luv the mixed veg version too :)

  4. Yummy yum..this one looks so much richer than what I made, Sari! Drooooooling! So glad the recipe worked for you :)

  5. love Avial lovely presentation!

  6. Gorgeous and awesome looking aviyal..

  7. This is new to me..gr8 recipe.


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