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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hot Dog Sandwich

 This is one more quick Sandwich to prepare. It hardly takes time. When i was pregnant with my 2nd child i used to crave for hot dog sandwich from Eppco petro pump Dubai. On my way back from office husband used to buy it for me. This is my version of hot dog sandwich.


Chicken sausages 4
Hot dog bun 4
Hot and chilly Sauce (maggie)
Mustard Sauce
Chopped onions


Fry chicken sausages for 4-5 minutes as they are pre-cooked.

Toast the bun on both the sides.

Spread Mayonnaise and chilli sauce on each side of the bun.

Spread lettuce and chopped onions.

Place hot dog on the lettuce and onions.

Spread mustard sauce.

Close the bun and eat it...

Isn't it simple :)

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