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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Restaurant Style Chicken Biryani

My family loves biryani and we make biryani every week on Sundays. This is Sanjay Tumma recipe and it's a restaurant style biryani. All spices are grounded into fine powder so that while eating you don't get whole spices in the biryani. Here goes the recipe :-

Ingredients :-

Spice powder***

Dagad phool
Pepper 1/2 tsp
Biryani leaf 3
Cinammon 2 inch pc
Cloves 5
Star anise 1
Shahi zeera 1 tbsp
Black cardamom 2
Mace two small pcs

Make a fine powder of all the above ingredients.

For marination:-

Chicken 1 pounds
Curd 1 cup
Salt to taste
Oil 1/4 cup
Spices powder ***
Coriander powder 2 tbsp
Cumin powder 1 tbsp
Red chilly powder 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves 1/2 cup chopped
Mint leaves 1/4 cup chopped
Lemon juice (half lemon)
Fried onions 2
(keep some for later use)

Marinate over night

Other ingredients:-

Safforn few strands
4 tbsp of warm milk
Rose water 1 tbsp
Wheat flour

Make soft dough with wheat flour and water.

Soak safforn in warm milk.

Soak basmati rice 2 big glasses for one hour.

After one hour boil water in a heavy bottom pan .Add 2 tbsp of oil, 1 tbsp of Shahi zeera and bay leaf (2)

Add enough salt in the water. The water should be salty.

In a thick bottom vessel take the marinate chicken and press it firmly to the bottom of the vessel.

Once water boils add the soaked rice. Cook till the rice is half done. Take the rice from the water and spread it on the chicken.

Sprinkle safforn soaked milk and rose water on the rice.

Spread fried onions.

Seal the vessel with dough. And place another bowl with water on top of this bowl.

Cook on high flame for 5 minutes and reduce the flame to medium and cook for 30 minutes.

Check if the steam is coming out. The steam should not escape. The raw chicken will get cooked in the dum.

Half an later switch off the flame and let it rest for another 10-15 minutes. Serve hot with mirchi ka salan and raita.

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