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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mysore Masala Dosa

Dosa is the most preferred breakfast in any south indian home. And i my house too i make dosa thrice a week.Sometimes i get bored of eating the same dosa.For kids i make cheese,vegetable and egg dosa very often as kids get bored quite easily and can never force them to eat the same thing.

When ever we go out for breakfast or dinner my choice is always masala dosa and when we go to Kamat the only thing i order always is mysore masala dosa.Made masala dosa at home many times but not mysore masala dosa.Remember seeing this recipe at Prathibha's blog The chef and her kitchen.Then browsed her blog for the recipe and made this.Chutney is from my blog which can be find here and mysore masala dosa recipe is from here


  1. ah ha yummy i guess i shud go and visit Prathiba's blog to find out how to make one

    When i use to visit bhubhneshwar I often found myself eating this a lot...


  2. OMH !!! what a tempting dish, love it, I so want to have it right now.

  3. Omg, wish to have this yummy mysore dosa for my tonite dinner,salivating here.

  4. One of my favorite southindian recipe.

    I blog @

  5. Love this dosa...my fav...looks wonderful and yummy.


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