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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saggubiyam Vadiyalu

 This is in continuation with my earlier post on summer specials.These are done in summer and eaten in the whole year.I have given the link of previous post on summer specials at the end of this post.

Sagubiyam/Sabudana vadiyalu are must in any andhra house.These are dried in the sun for 2-3 days and eaten in the whole year.This recipe too calls for very few ingredients and just melts when deep fried.


Saggubiyam/Sabudana 1 cup
Water 5 cups
Buttermilk 1 cup
Cumin seeds crushed 2 tbsp
Salt as per taste.


Wash saggubiyam and keep aside.

In a big deep vessel take 5 cups of water.Let it come to a boiling point.

Then slowly add the cleaned saggubiyam and constantly stirring until saggubiyam is translucent.Now add cummin seeds,salt and the butter milk.

Then stir and see that a layer doesn't form on the top.When you stir continuously the top layer is not formed.

Take a saggubiyam and check if it is cooked.If is it done let the mixture cool.It may take about 2 hours to completely cool.

By this time the mixture would have thicken.Stir once again and see that no lumps are formed.

Take a plastic sheet and spread the mixture in small flat rounds.Let it dry for the full day under the sun.

Evening slowly remove each vadiyalu and place them under the fan.Next two days again dry them under the sun.

Once dried they should be stored in a air tight container.And use it when required.

For frying

Heat oil and leave few vadiyalu into the hot oil.It takes few seconds to swell and change colour into white.Take it on a tissue and serve as snacks or with rice and dal.

Click the picture below for Biyyam Vadiyalu


  1. A very tasty vadam to make at home and enjoy.

  2. My all time favourite fryums.

  3. Oh.. how I miss these.. Would be gr8 if you could send this to the Serve It - Preserved event happening at our space...

  4. Never tried that recipe. Looks good.

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