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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My 50th post with Rasgulla

It is pathetic to know that fellow bloggers do plagiarism.I have read a lot about this and the latest victims are Mahima of Indian Vegetarian Kitchen and Usha of Usha nandini recipes. Inspite of water marking the images the blogger who copied there images was smart enough to crop the image and put her name on the images.I feel sorry for Mahima and Usha whose work has been copied.Just check the images below

This image is Mahima's
This is cropped by her
This is Usha's
This is cropped and watermarked image
This image is from a site

Watermarked by her
This image is from veegiescookbook

Watermarked and cropped image
No hard feelings i just want to share with all my fellow bloggers how our images can be copied inspite of watermarking and writing about copy writes.I wish anyone of us will find a solution for this plagiarism.


Now coming to my 50th post.I made rasgulla few days back when hubby's friend came here for a holiday.I got this recipe from Manjula's kitchen.She has shown it so well in the video that i didn't made any mistake and rasgulla came out very well.Unfortunately i didn't give this to my kids as both were down with fever.I will make this again for them.


Food colour (Optional and my addition)
Safforn (optional and my addition)


  1. Boil milk.Add lemon and boil till it breaks
  2. Strain the curdle milk in a strainer and then wrap in a cloth and hang it,so that all the water drips out
  3. Take a cooker,add water and sugar.Let it boil for sometime.
  4. Kned the panner till your hands are oily.Divide the dough into three equal parts and add food colour to two parts and make small size balls as seen in the picture below
5.Slowly drop these balls in the boiling sugar syrup.And close the cooker and wait till u get one whistle and switch of the stove.

6.Open the cooker and take out rasgullas which has doubled the size in a bowl.Add safforn (soaked in warm water) and refrigerate till you serve it.
I have not given the quantities because i took it approximately.Check Manjula's kitchen for the quantity.The only measurement i took was for 2 glasses of water i added 1 glass of sugar.
Hope you all enjoyed my rasgullas............


  1. geee.. does it really happen...

    no wonder you were telling me to use water mark...

    by the way the ras gullas look nice... although i prefer gulab jamuns a lil more !

  2. WOW!! This is very bad. Thanks for exposing her, at least now she can wake up and not do it again.

  3. Hi varunavi,Congrats on ur 50th post and rasagulla looks too good,colorful,planning to make it soon:)Will try ur recipe!!Thanks a lot for trying out Lays chips and for ur wonderful comment.My kisses to ur sweet daughter :)About plagiarism,copying is the worst thing,its like plundering others hard work.Definitely they shud be punished,but we cant.Felt very bad about this.. By seeing ur post,it should get reduced!!

  4. Hey Varunavi....yummy rasgullas ....even I am planning to make Rasmalai soon...:D.

    Sorry to know abt the plagiarism....i left a msg yesterday in swapna's blog to clarify abt the images. I didnt know so many were copied, its pathetic ....dunno why these people copy original work and display like theirs :(.

    Anyways....good recipe and congrats on ur 50th post...Enjoy blogging !!

    Have a nice weekend dear!!

  5. Congrats varunavi..celebration with a wonder recipe..looking colorful and delicious..Never seen them in colors before..I too learned this recipe from manjulas kitchen....sorry to know about plagiarism..

  6. ohh my god..i just went her blog and i couldnt find that..i thought some other..thanks for letting us to know...coming to rasagulla..they are colorful dear..congrats on your 50 th post..you will rock dear!!

  7. I guess she has removed the comments option. I am not able to find it there. It feels so disgusting to discover theifs like this. I do not know what pleasure they get by simply lifting others work! Shame on them.

  8. Sheeeesh!! I did go to her blog from Ashwini's lentil mela, and at that time the comments were on. Now it is no longer there! Such shame - I guess you have to be shameless to do such things! faceless names is what gives blogging a big advantage!!

  9. first of all congrats for yr 50th post dear. wow rasagulla its my favrt favrt favrt.. hey keep that for me i m running to yr place ma.

  10. congrats on your 50th post and rasagulla looks so colorful and yummy nice shape too

  11. Wow rasgulla looks gorgeous Varunavi...Congrats for ur 50th post dear, keep on rocking!! i dunno how peoples are copying other's hard works, shame on her..

  12. Congrats Varunavi. Rasagulla s are looking great.

  13. Congrats Varunavi. Rasagulla's are looking good.

    The ppl who copy these pictures would never know the hard work you guys do while posting recipes.

  14. feels really bad to know...very shameful...i hope she stops doing it.

    Rasagullas look great and yum.

  15. Those cute rasagullas want me to try them! :) Looks really delicious!

  16. That is so cheap of her...its good that you exposed it.

    COngrats on ur 50th post. Rasgollas looks very inviting and colorful, dear.

  17. Lol dhiren i read this before and told u to do so
    Thanx to all.Even i left a comment on her blog to remove the copied snaps.After sometime i went and checked,the comments were not there.

  18. Hi Varunavi...Thanks for adding me...the rasgullas look awesome...love the use of colors....
    Its really sad about Swapna, I have always admired the pics and recipes. Its a shame that none of them are original.

  19. Congrats on your 50th post. Rasgullas look great

  20. Hi Varunavi,
    Congratulations on your 50th post! :)
    Rasgullas look perfectly soaked and juicy :) well done.
    OMG! it's really shocking and sadning that such things happen. Wish people behave more responsibly :(


  21. @Poornima thanx
    @Simran Thanx
    @Suparna Thanx

  22. i dun mind someone taking my pics, but a simple link to my blog would be much appreciated. even i do take pics on my blog, but make it a point to put out the source there.

    anyway, superb recipes in your blog. and once the lent season is over, am gonna try out most of your non veg recipes ;)

  23. I picked it from u to mention the source of the pics i used on my blog.
    Thanx liju and do let me know after doing those recipes.

  24. Hi, congrats on ur 50th post, n rasogullas looks yummm....
    I also did started watermarking my images, after knowing abt plagiarism, but see still they crop it n use them. That's really sad.

  25. hey thanks for supporting me in plagiarism..she deleted her blog i guess.

    anyway, congrats on your 50th post and those rasgullas look soooo good.. very colorful and cute.

  26. I am soo sorry that this happened!! it really is frustrating when someone tries to take credit for your work! heard that the blog was deleted! good , that you guys atleast scared her away!

    the rasagullas look delicious!! super yummy!!

  27. The rasagullas look absolutely delicious. congrats on your 50th!!!
    Swapna was a follower of my blog, I was wondering why I had one less person following me, and now I know!!!
    You should blog what you create, but someone else's creatings, sucks too because I really liked her recipes and now I know they weren't her's in the first place.

  28. ok but the procedure of making not clear send to my mail please kodinancy@gmail.com


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