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Friday, March 20, 2009

Semiya Sausages Upma


Semiya (Vermicelli) 250gms

Chicken Sausages (frozen) 3 nos

Onions 1 no

Green chillies 2 nos

Tomato 1 no

Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp

Pepper powder 1/2 tbsp

Cinnamon 1 no

Clove 1 no

Curry leaves few

Oil 3 tbsp

Salt as per taste


  1. Fry Cinnamon,cloves,then add onions,green chillies and curry leaves.

  2. When onion turns pink in colour add tomatoes.Cook till tomatoes start leaving the oil.

  3. Now add ginger garlic powder and saute till the ginger garlic leaves the raw smell.

  4. Then add sausages and saute for another minute.Now cover and cook till it is semi dry and sausages are cooked well.

  5. Add semiya (vermicelli) and mix thoroughly.Saute for 2-3 minutes.

  6. Add water (i added for 1 glass of semiya 1 1/2 glass of water).

  7. Cover and cook till the semiya is cooked and water has dried.

  8. Last add pepper powder and mix thoroughly.

I saw this recipe in a magazine in muscat, from then i make this upma very regularly.Before i saw this recipe my upma was always a disaster.Always i used to get lumps or it used to get burned.I thank the person who wrote the recipe in that magazine.

Enjoy my semiya sausages upma.............................


  1. I make rava upma often but no one eats(incl. me)... bcoz it never turn out well.....:)I should have try this one.

  2. semiya & sausage that's odd combination but looks delicious

  3. It is so clever of adding sausages into semiya.
    Looks yumm.

  4. hey it looks so delicious and yum!

  5. Adding sausages to uma never heard of this..Looking yum..oh is your kid still looking for her ammamma to come there..It takes time for a 5 year old to forget it..Granys pamper a lot and kids enjoy their company....Hope she meets her grany soon..

  6. new idea..samiya with sausage..looks nice varunavi!!

  7. This is an innovative recipe varunavi..looks so unique n yum.:)

  8. thanks to u all
    yes pooja she still asks my mom when u r coming here.

  9. adding sausage is so very innovative great idea looks so yum

  10. sausages in upma?!! well my husband is gonna love that!!


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