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Friday, May 06, 2011

Simple Bread Sandwich

This sandwich is a street food here in Hyderabad and husband loves it.I was introduced to this sandwich by him,he brought it from a place where we used to eat when he was a kid,we all loved it.So this is my first attempt and it was good but not tasted like what he had brought.


Bread (white or brown) 6 slices
Tomatoes 2 sliced
Cucumber 1 peeled and sliced
Green chutney to spread on the slices
Onions finely chopped 2

How to make?

Green chutney

Mint leaves 2 cups

Coriander leaves 1 cup

Amchur powder 2 tbsp

Green chillies 3-4

Cumin seeds roasted 1 tbsp

Grind all the above ingredients for green chutney.Green chutney can be stored for long in fridge

Remove the sides of the bread.

Spread green chutney on a slice of bread.Then spread tomatoes and cucumber on top of each other.

Close it another slice of bread.On top of bread spread finely chopped onions and spread sev.

Eat immediately or else sev becomes soft.


  1. I love street food, these days due to health reasons it's avoided by many people..wow!look at what u've prepared!none of the health concious people will miss the street food if it's made at home and had! thanks dear!

  2. aromatic delicious looking sandwich

  3. Nice sandwiches! They're so healthy!

  4. woww.. this is my favorite dear.. im getting aroma here.. snap is too tempting :)

  5. They look perfect for breakfast and snack both :)


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