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Monday, June 06, 2011

Avakaya/Mango Pickle

As soon as summer sets in people in Andhra wait for the delicious mango pickle.I remember it was a big thing to make the pickle in my grannies house.Morning my granny used to go to market to get mangoes.Actually the preparation starts much before the day actual pickle is made.Red chillies,mustard and fenugreek are sun dried before day.Red chillies and mustard are made into fine powder.Garlic is peeled in the morning on the day the pickle is made.
All my aunties and granny used to mix the pickle .Kids were not allowed in the room where the mixing is done.Then the pickle is stored in the ceramic jar commonly known as Jadi.It is mixed again the next day and my granny used to distribute the pickle to her children.


Mangoes 50
Fenugreek 125gms
Red chilly powder 1/2 kg
Salt 1/2kg
Mustard powder 1/2 kg
Turmeric powder 3 tsp
Garlic 1/4 kg
Oil 1 1/2 kg
The manoges are throughly washed and are to be wiped dry.Then cut into pieces according to ones choice.Some cut the pieces with the seed and some don't.

Mustard are to be sun dried and grounded into fine powder.

Fenugreek has to be slightly roasted and grounded into fine powder.

Garlic has to be peeled.

Now mix all the ingredients with a dry spoon.Store it in a air tight container preferably a jabi.After three days mix throughly and can be eaten.

I love the garlic pieces more than the mango pieces maybe i am weired but i love the soft texture of garlic when soaked in the pickel,yummmmyyyyyy.......


  1. Love this one Saritha ..looking so gud ...

  2. Thanks priti.I just posted in my fb and got ur comment,that was very quick,thanx...

  3. wow super and wonderful !! love to have with rice and ghee !!

  4. Slurp,tongue tickling pickle, i'll have happily as side dish with some curd rice..

  5. Like you I prefer garlic pieces too :) Simple recipe. Love it :)

  6. Looks so good,delicious and droolworthy pickle.

  7. I miss freshly prepared mango pickle. Looks irresistible.

  8. Yum, I am simply salivating here :)

  9. delicious flavours looks wonderful

  10. Looks very tasty, Saritha! I also do avakkai in this way, same recipe!

  11. All time favorite and looks absolutely delicious.

  12. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... chala chala bagundi mee aavakaya.. yummy !!
    Indian Cuisine

  13. That looks so tongue tickling dear...:)



  14. Pickle looks awesome! Love your method! Bookmarked!


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