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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sugandhi Sherbet

Sugandhi sherbet is a herbal drink with many medicinal properties.Sugandhi is prepared from the roots of the sugandhi plant.The juice of sugandhi helps in the purification of blood. It acts as a cooling agent and helps prevent sunstroke and quick recovery from sun strokes.

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I first tasted this at my sister's place.My brother inlaw loves this and his mom sends him a bottle of concentrated juice every summer.Last few days back i went to vijaywada along with my sister's family.There i saw each and very street has a vendor selling this sherbert to beat the horrible heat of vijaywada (the temple town of Godess kanaka durga)

One glass of sugandhi is prized at Rs.10/-.When we order a glass,the vendor pours a quarter of the concentrated juice and half time.Then he adds soda and mixes it.It tastes good when drank cold.

The concentrated juice are sold in bottles costing Rs.100/- per bottle.I brought one bottle and we finished it within 15 days.Wished i had taken a snap of the vendor selling this juice.I googled it and got a picture.

This drink is conveniently given in polythane bags to take home to drink in leisure.


  1. wow, that is new, never heard of it before or had it before, sounds refreshing.

  2. Sherbet looks super refreshing and wonderful..

  3. Nice and refreshing drink !!

  4. we call this nannari..love this sherbet very much

  5. Healthy and refreshing ..

    Following you ..

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  6. thats a very informative post. love the colour of the drink.

  7. Thanx for visiting my blog. It's healthy and refreshing.

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  8. What a delicious drink! Miss that :(

  9. This is a real tasty drink.I tried that.

  10. I have heard of this. But I think it is called something else at Kerala. I am not sure of the real name. Good one :)


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