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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My 25th post Kheema cutlet

This post is my 25th post.This post is exclusively for my hubby dear who loves to eat experiments done by me in my kitchen. This recipe i learnt it from my m-law who is a great cook.The only thing with her is she likes only to cook non-veg recipes.Very Friday it's a feast in my house.The menu for the lunch is Hyderabadi chicken/mutton dum biryani (hubby is supposed to eat only chicken),mirchi salan and raita.Kheema cutlet is an accompaniment which i make very often but not every friday.


Minced mutton 250 gms
Potato 500gms
Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp
Garam masala 1 tsp
Clove 1
Cinnamon 2 small
Green chillies 2 nos
Egg 1
Bread crumbs 1 cup
Pepper powder 1 tsp
Oil 5-8 tbsp


1.Take kheema in a pan,add ginger garlic paste,clove,cinnamon,chillies,garam masala,salt and 1tbsp of oil.Cover and cook till kheema is fully cooked and dry.If needed add little water,but the kheema should be fully dried.It can be cooked in the cooker,maybe for 3-4 whistles,but should be completely dried. Discard green chillies.

2.Boil potatoes.Peel the skin and mash it.Add salt and ½ tsp pepper powder and mix well.

3.Beat egg add salt and remaining pepper powder and keep it aside.

4.Take mashed potato (size of a cricket ball) in your hand,flatten it.Take a heap tbsp of kheema and place it on the flat potato and cover the kheema and make a ball and flatten it.

5.Dip this patties in the egg and coat it with bread crumbs.

6.Heat oil on a tava and fry the cutlets with oil until golden colour

Edited  to add pictures.


  1. Kheema cutlet - wow! We should thank God for all the varities of food he's provided and has also come up with people like Varunavi who suggest enough varieties.

  2. Congrats Varunavi..Kheema cutlet looks superb, would love to have rite now.

  3. hey you are tagged again !! check my last post !

  4. @Priya thanks dear
    @dhiren will check

  5. Wow cupping up in boiled potato is an yummy twist....Looks tempting...Congratulations.....

  6. @nsiyer thanks , credit goes to hubby dear because he is the one who eats what i cook and he suggests as well and he is a good eater.

  7. Congrats on your 25th post! Best wishes to come up with more mouth-watering recipes! Cutlet looks perfect and delicious!


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