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Friday, February 06, 2009

Tomato Chutney


Tomatoes 3 nos (big)

Green chillies 2 nos

Coconut (fresh) 4 tbsp

Garlic 1 nos

Coriander leaves few

Oil 1 tbsp

Salt as per taste


1.Slit green chillies and fry in the oil

2.In the same oil fry tomatoes till thick and tomatoes are cooked

3.Let tomatoes cool.First grind coconut,green chillies and garlic with salt

4.Add tomatoes and coriander.Grind it just for a 1 sec.

This chutney can be eaten with vada or dosa.I learnt this recipe from my mom,i can never make the chutney close to what she makes.It is very delicious.


  1. I have never tasted this! Must give it a shot!

  2. @sunshinemom do try it and let me know

  3. My wife has become an avid follower of your post. And I should thank you since I am getting different delicacies.
    As for what my wife cooks well, her dal is amazing, her dahi is out of the world, her paper dosas are envious and her rice payasam is a connoisseur's envy. And your recipes are adding to her repertoire. Thanks.

  4. First time to ur blog...I liked ur cake recipes...I never baked b'4...wud definetely like to try...

  5. never tried it before, though read the recipe somewhere else too, should try it..

  6. Tomato chutneys in any variety are favourites in our home, so I know this has to be good.

  7. @nsiyer did she post a comment on my blog?Let me know which recipe she did and let me know how was it.And thanks to her.
    @Neha welcome to my blog.Pls do try and let me know
    @Aparna Welcome to my blog.Thanks for commenting and let me if u do the chutney

  8. oh man..toamto chutney with steaming rice and ghee...no better combination

  9. @Smi welcome to my blog and thank q


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