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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ganbayala/gangapaayala/peddapaayala Pappu/Purslane

Purslane comes from India.It was Gandhi's favorite food. Now it also grows across America, and around the world.The leaves are sour-sweet in taste.Only leaves are used to make the dal.
I am not much aware of this leafy.I never ate this in my mom's house but my m-law uses this very regular.This leaf is available mainly in summer and it is combined with mango,tamarind and dal. The more details are here.
Lubna and rekha helped me to get the english name of this.I request my readers to give the name of this leaf,i will update my post.


Purslane 2 bunches
Toor dal 1 cup
Raw mangoes 2
Onion 1 (chopped)
Green chilies 2
Tamarind little
Red chilly powder 1/2tbsp
Turmeric powder 1/4tsp
Salt as per taste


Rai few
Udad dal few
Zeera few
Hing a pinch
Curry leaves few
Oil 1 tbsp

How to make:-

*Pressure cook all the ingredients except salt.
*Season the dal with the above seasoning and add salt.
Edited to add:- Prathiba has given few names of this leaves:-
Telugu :-Gangapaayala/Peddapaayala/Peddapaavila aaku koora
Tamil :Parippu Keerai
Hindi: chota lunia
Thanx Prathiba


  1. Completely new to me. Never heard about this leafy veggie....Dal looks yum...

  2. Wow this pappu is new to me, both mango and the green match together..seems this dal must be tangy na!

  3. New to me..Guess heard about this leaf in a telengana food festival menu varunavi..Pappu chala bagundi..

  4. Even i never heard abt this herb. But looks yummy.

  5. Never heard this.. looks yummy..

  6. Wow i have never had this, looks so so yummy delicious.
    I can imagine enjoying eating this with rice.
    A real comfort food.

  7. My nannama(grandmother) use to make this pappu.Looks so delicious, mmmm my mouth is full of water yum yum

  8. In Urdu language we call this leafy vegetable as 'Kulfa ki bhaji'. And we prepare a dal preperation using these greens similar to this one called as 'Kulfa katli'.
    Looks so yummy!
    I am yet to find this leafy green vegetable here in my place.

  9. My fav Greens! Adding Mango is new to me and must be tasty. Slurp!

  10. This is new to me..have never heard of this. Would love to know the name..Dal looks great :)

  11. Hi Varunavi,
    This member of the greens family is completely new to me. Hmmm..Gandhis' fav. food tha's interesting! will keep a tab on this post for more info on purslane.
    The dal also seems a nice comfort food.

  12. Surprise for me to see your latest yummy posts. I came very late in blogging. I love all your yummy recipes. Looks different and I've to try it from u.

  13. I am not aware of this leaves yet. Dal looks great.

  14. Never heard of this one before...the dal looks delicious.

  15. Good to know gangabayala kura is known as purslane. I might have seen it in the Korean market. Like you my mom never made this, but my MIL makes it. Will try.

  16. I can imagine how well this is been made and how tangy and fiberous this should taste... SLurrp!!!

  17. Awww... I bet it would have been sour and yumm!! I love addition of mangoes! :)

  18. Dal looks good..never heard of this leafy vegetable......My google search gave me diff names
    Telugu - Gangapaayala/Peddapaayala/Peddapaavila aaku koora
    Tamil :Parippu Keerai
    Hindi: chota lunia

  19. hey never heard of this pappu.....how did u know abt this???

  20. ohh my god..varunavi ..my mother makes this gangabayala kura..i love it..hey you are lucky that you can get these in UAE..g8 :)

  21. Totally new veggie to me. Pappu looks yummo! Btw..I have posted Meals on Wheels round up, you may want to check it out

  22. Thanx lubna for finding out the english name
    Thanx priya
    Pooja i guess this is used mostly in telegana region than andhra and thanx
    Ammu,srikar's kitchen and happy cook thanx

  23. Thanx mona,will update the post and add the urdu name

    thanx rekha, pooja, ushanandini, suparana and rajee

  24. Thanx ramya, poornima, pavani, Ramyavijaykumar,priya and aruna

  25. @Prathiba thanx a lot,i have updated my post with the names given by you.

    @Lavanya my hubby brought this,i can't recognize it and thanx

    @Lg thanx a lot,will the check the round up

  26. Never tried this....looks yum and new to me....like the addition of mangoes.


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