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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thotakura fry/Amarnath leaves fry

We all love to eat green vegetables at home.There in Hyderabad my mom used to cook every alternate day as there was a guy who used to sell leafy vegetables on his cycle.Every alternate day he used to give my mom.My daughter think this is spinach and she likes to eat it because Popeye eats spinach.This recipe is my mom's recipe.I hardly get this in the super markets here,what i get is the red ones which i don't like.But when ever i see thotakura i pick it up.


Thotakura fry 2 bunches
Onions 2
Green chillies 2
Red chillies 2
Rai 1tsp
Udad dal 2tsp
Oil 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
Salt as per taste

  1. Wash amarnath leaves twice so that all the sand gets washed away and chop it.
  2. Chop onions keep aside.
  3. Heat oil add red chillies,green chillies,rai and udat.When udat starts turning brown colour add the chopped leaves and onions.
  4. Add salt and turmeric powder.
  5. Cover and cook it all the water evaporates and the leaves are well cooked.No need of adding water as the leafy vegetables when cooked leaves water.But if you still think water is not sufficient,you can add little water.

Red chilly powder can be used in place of whole red chillies,i don't use chilly powder because i want the fry colour to be green.Please note that onions are not fried in this curry,they get cooked with the leaves.


  1. healthy and new dish.. looks good.

  2. very healthy curry..nice one varunavi!!

  3. Ha ha... thats one of the things I like about Popoye!! :D :D
    I like spinach fry too, but donno what kind is this!! :) Looks good!

  4. I used to hate this leafy vegatable hefore marriage when my my used to cook but now I desperately look for it. I get them very rare.

  5. delicious thotakura curry ...:). Hope u had a nice weeekend!

  6. I love it too! Looks so mouth-watering.

  7. Everytime I come across Amarnath leaves I used to wonder how good they will be... Simple dish shall try making them...

  8. I love greens anyway !!! Great picture.

  9. Looking delicious varunavi..My fav among all greens..sad part is i cant get them here atleast in frozen section..I make spinach fry..

  10. hi,
    this is amaranth greens - am i right?
    Greens are always healthy..the dish looks simply delicious.

  11. @Mahimaa thanx
    @Lavanya thanx
    @Priya this is widely available in two colours green and red,it is widely used in south india.

  12. @Ramya even i get this very rarely,but when even i see i pick it up

  13. @Ramya vijaykumar thanx do try this,its taste is awesome

  14. @Pavithra thanx

    @pooja thanx,we get frozen as well,but i dont use them,i dont like to fed kids the frozen stuff

    @sharadha thanx

  15. Thanks Aunty for the lovley comment.

  16. Lovley recipe. I think we use to call as Gongura or this is different. My father lovles gongura.

  17. Vidhas this is thotakura,gongura is different,we do gongura papu and gongura pachadi

    @Janani ur welcome

  18. hey Varunavi, i like this curry a lot, my mom used to make it often. But u will laugh if i say that i always get confused when i pick the leaves....all leafy vegetables look similar to me..so i always pick a wrong veggie.

  19. Aruna u r not alone,even i pick up wrong leafy veg,so i check with hubby before picking it up

  20. Gorgeous green....I love this a lot. It is hard to find this leafy veggie here....Looks yum.

  21. Healthy & comfort dish. I remember my amma doing this often. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Yummy dish:) Such a healthy dish!

  23. To me, you're the best friend. You're the first friend to wish my Tamil Happy New Year. I wish you the same to you and ur family. I think u forgot to add few curry leaves when you do seasonings. I used to cook same like u and also in a different way. Give me energy to post all my recipes. Hugs.

  24. @Lubna thanx

    @Ammu thanx

    @Priya thanx

  25. @Rajee i am glad that i wished u first.Thanx for the wishes.

  26. Yummy and healthy....i love it too.


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