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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kheema Matar

Kheema (minced mutton) 250gms
Fresh peas 50gms
Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp
Onion chopped 1
Green chillies silted 2
Red chilly powder 1tsp
Turmeric powder 1/4tsp
Coriander powder 1/2tbsp
Cinnamon 1
Cloves 2
Garam masala 1/2 tsp
Oil 3 tbsp

How to make:-
  • Heat oil add Cinnamon and clove.Add onions and green chillies.Saute till onions are brown in colour.
  • Add kheema,salt,turmeric powder,ginger garlic paste,red chilly powder and coriander powder.
  • Mix thoroughly, cover and cook for 5-6minutes
  • Add peas and garam masala and mix it.
  • Add enough water and pressure cook till kheema is cooked.
  • Serve it with hot rice/rotis.


  1. Nice curry my hubbys fav. looks perfect varunai

  2. Tasty!! Love the Indian style Chili, I made it once, loved it! :)

  3. Kheema and matar looks great together nice dish... Havent tried them together...

  4. wow... this looks delicious !

  5. wow kheema with matar...mmhhh handme down some puris with it ;).
    good one Varunavi makes me drool.

  6. hey saritha, it looks sooooo good! I love kheema and anything with kheema....but i don't cook NV at home :( so right now i can only drool!!!!!!!!

  7. Rekha thanx
    Asha thanx
    Ramya thanx
    Dhiren thanx
    Vishali thanx

  8. paas me the roties for eating this delicious kheema matar.

  9. Wow looks delicious. The pics makes me drool. Nice combo of kheema and matar. I havent ever thought of the combo. Great post :)

  10. Nice combination..Lovely post varunavi..

  11. Aweosme dear......Never had this combo before.....Looks droolworthy...

  12. @Aruna u eat but can't cook,no probs come to my house u will have a feast of kheema cutlets,kheema ball curry and kheema matar:)

  13. @Happy cook i made hot rotis pls come and have it dear

  14. Pooja and pooja thanx
    Lubna thanx

  15. mouthwatering saritha..i love kheema..but i ate it very few times..want to try it once!!

  16. Kheema aur matar sounds like a new combo to me. Love ur idea.

    Beerakaye pottu pachadi luks so yummy too.

    Anni challa baagundi.

  17. Kheema matar looks yum and delicious...Nice combo.

  18. Wowwn mouthwatering dish..looks yummy!

  19. Have never tried kheema, but the picture looks soooo lovely and I really wanna try it! :)

  20. Mouth watering dish. Looks yummy.

  21. Nice curry .. LOoking great with beautiful colour

  22. Looks fantastic...really tempting.

  23. This is how I usually make kheema,spicy with veggies:)

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  25. Oh I made Kheema matar the other day, ur version looks good. Love ur opinion about mine :)


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