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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Egg Fried Rice


Rice 500 gms

Egg 3

Carrot chopped 1 cup

Beans chopped 1 cup

Peas 1/2 cup

Spring onions chopped 1 cup

Fresh corn 1/2 cup

Black pepper 1/4 tbsp

Ajinimotto pinch

Ginger chopped 1/2 tbsp

Garlic chopped 1/2 tbsp

Soya sauce 1 tbsp

Oil 3 tbsp

Salt as per taste


Cook rice with 1tbsp of oil.

Heat oil in a pan add ginger and garlic pieces.Saute till brown in colour.

Add vegetables and stir fry for 2-3 min on high until veggies are half cooked and crispy.Remove from pan and keep aside

In another pan add 1 tbsp of oil and add three eggs.Scramble the eggs.

Now add soya sauce and ajinimoto.Cook for 2 min, add salt.Then add the fried veggies.

Then add rice and mix thoroughly and lastly add chopped spring onions and pepper powder.Mix throughly

Serve it with hot chilly sauce or tomato sauce.The left over rice can also be used.

PS:-Salt has to be adjusted according to once taste.


  1. Ah! Fried Rice is my favorite! They look simply great and yummy!

  2. Am ready to finish the fried rice...tempting dish..

  3. Simple and delicious rice.... looks mouthwatering Sarita :)

  4. Easy n quick recipe liked by everyone in my family.

  5. Looks healthy... and yummy both at the same time... thats a rare comibination !!!!!! :P :P

  6. am drooling here....my fav fried rice..looks so yummy and tempting..

  7. My all time favorite,came out perfectly

  8. yum! one of my favorite dishes! did you use basmati?

  9. @Veggie belly welcome here.I have used basmati rice as i don't get normal rice here

  10. I love fried rice..looks yummy..I do the same minus egg..
    regarding ur query for the cake plz chk this link whr u will get more details.If you have any doubts plz feel free to contact me regarding them.

  11. @Prathiba thanks will check the link.Since the day i saw ur cake i am looking for the bowls in my house to use it.Will get up back to u when doing it.


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