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Monday, April 05, 2010


Fried and steamed momos

Before my sister's marriage i never tasted Chinese noodles,rice etc.It is was my b-law who took us first to a chinese restuarant and there we ate Chinese noodles,rice and veg manchuria.I fell in love with veg rice and manchuria.My sister always makes manchuria at home and she is the one who introduced me to momos.
The very first time i fell in love with it,but sad part is that hubby doesn't like chinese.But i forced him to eat momos which i made on his birthday few days back.He just loved it.I made two version of momos one is non-veg fried momos and other is veg steamed momos.

Steamed momos are much healthier than the fried ones,they are many variations in the stuffing used.Lamb,chicken,pork and beef can be used as stuffing.In tibet it is mostly done with yak meat.Any veges can be used for the stuffing.

For more on momos check here and here.


Plain flour 2 cups

Salt as per taste

Oil 2 tbsp

In a large bowl combine flour,salt,oil and add enough water and knead well.Make a soft dough
similar to puri dough.Keep aside

Steamed veg momos

For stuffing

Vegetarian momos

Cabbage 1 cup chopped finely

Carrot 1/2 cup chopped finely

Beans 1/4 cup chopped finely

Onions 1 chopped finely

Green chillies 2 chopped finely

Ginger 1" pc chopped

Garlic 3 chopped

Soya sauce 1 tsp

Pepper powder 1 tbsp

Salt as per taste

Oil 2 tbsp


Take oil in a pan add add ginger and garlic pcs.Fry till they are brown in colour.

Then add onions and green chillies and saute till onions are pink in colour.

Now add all the veges and salt.

Cover and cook till the veges are soft and water has dried.

Now add soya sauce and mix well.

Lastly add pepper and let the mixture cool.

Fried Momos

Chicken stuffing

Boneless chicken 1 cup

Onions 2 finely chopped

Green chillies 2 finely chopped

Soy sauce 1 tsp

Ginger 1" pc finely chopped

Garlic 3 finely chopped

Pepper powder 1 tbsp

Salt as per taste

Oil 2 tbsp

Fried Momos


Take a pan with oil,when hot add ginger and garlic,saute till the ginger and garlic are brown in colour.

Now add onions and green chillies.Saute till onion are pink in colour.

Cut chicken into small pcs and add it to the onions.

Add salt, cover and cook till the water dries off.

Once the curry is dry add soya sauce and saute well.Now the chicken will be very soft and can be made into more small pcs.

Lastly add pepper powder,saute for 1 minute and remove from stove.Let the mixture cool.

Now the momos

Take dough similar to size of tennis balls and make a flat disc (similar to poori) with rolling pin.

Put 1tbsp of the filling on the disc.Apply water at the ends and gather the disc into the center and seal of the edges.

Fry on a high flame for 1 minute and reduce the flame and fry till the momos are golden brown in colour.

Steamed momos

This momos can be steamed as well.Apply oil to the idly moulds and keep one momos each on the mould and steam it for 10-12 minutes.

Momos in a idly cooker


  1. Those look so cute..very inviting n perfect

  2. hi Sarita,
    This has been in my mind for quite some time now...but have'bn quite lazy to make it :0
    good pics are the variations u have mentioned are really useful.
    Thanks for the link.

  3. never heard of them before but they sure sound delicious..and looks pretty too...

  4. Very tasty looking momos. Of course, I would love to have the steamed ones but the fried ones is filled with crunchiness and would not like to miss on that :)

  5. wow they look so tempting, they look similar to the modaks we make for ganpati :)

  6. these look super delicious, i think i had left a comment yesterday but its not showing up :(
    please collect ur award from my blog!

  7. momos looks perfect n crispy dear,,, i like these momos simply superb taste...

  8. wow!! Yummy momos! I have bookmarked it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  9. hi... can u be more specific in plain flour?

  10. Plain flour is all purpose flour and in india we call it maida.

  11. Hey, thanks for this lovely recipe :) I love momos but never cooked them on my own. With the help of your recipe I will surely try them out. Can we also add like 1/4/ 1/2 portion of whole wheat flour instead of maida to make it healthier????
    thanks n tc

  12. @Color leaf thanks for liking my recipe,i never substituted whole wheat flour with maida but the ur idea seems to be perfect choice of eating healthier momos...

  13. Lovely & down-to-earth momos anytime of the day!! Thanks for the recipe.
    It never struck me that momos can be made on idli maker/cooker.


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