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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simple Mutton Fry

Usually after heavy meals on fridays we end up eating rice and rasam on saturdays.And this fry is the excellent as a side dish.I love to make this as it calls for very less ingredients.


Lamb mutton 250gms
Pepper powder 1 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Salt as per taste
Curry leaves few
Oil 2 tbsp


Marinate mutton pcs with salt and lime juice for 1/2 hour.

Heat oil,add curry leaves.When leaves change colour add mutton pcs.
Cover and cook for few minutes.If required sprinkle little water.Cook till the mutton pcs are cooked and soft.
When all the water dries,then saute the pcs until cripsy and lastly add pepper powder and serve.

The time taken for the mutton to cook depends on the mutton,the mutton which i get from india cooks faster than the local mutton here.I always see that i use mutton which comes from India.


  1. simple and tempting! very few ingredients.. thats good.

  2. Thats a tempting mutton fry Sarita..looks delicious and easy..

  3. I like the simplicity of this dish. Usually when one hears of cooking lamb or mutton, there is almost always an elaborate preparation.

  4. Wow! Love this dry pepper mutton.
    Beautiful flowers:)

  5. Muttton fry looks very delicious.Waht u said is correct,mutton fry is best combo with rice and rasam
    Very simple recipe yarr..nice picture too
    BTW i have corrected the name varunavi..
    Thanks for the comments dear.

  6. Wow simple n yummy mutton fry.

  7. Hi Varunavi. Had not come over for sometime to the delicious dishes blog. Thought I show the interesting blog to my wife who loves non vegetarian. She enjoyed it. Thanks.

  8. I love mutton fry and this sounds simply yumm :-)


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