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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red Chilly Powder

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When summer starts all mom's are busy making the things which can be stored for a year like Red chilly powder,mango pickle,vadiyalu,uppu mirapakaya(curd chillies),appadalu(papads) etc.This practice of making the things has been passed to one generation to other.I never learnt what my mom learnt from my grandmother cause i am lazy and my mom is there to send me all very year after my marriage.One such thing is red chilly powder.This powder she does every year and can be stored for one year.And this is used in everyday cooking like a normal chilly powder in curries and pachadis.

I am planning to do few post of what we prepare in summer to be stored for year long.I invite you all to share your summer specials here in my blog,you can mail me your interest to varu012@gmail.com.

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Red chillies whole 1 kg
Cumin seeds 100gms
Coriander seeds 200 gms
Salt 5 tbsp
Turmeric powder 1 tbsp


Sun dry red chillies,cumin and coriander for two days.

Roast all the above ingredients separately.

Let it cool.Once cool grind into smooth powder.

Let it rest for a while and store in a air tight container.Don't use it directly,take small quantities and use it in curries and pachadis.

This is my first post in Summer special categories.


  1. thts anice way to store powder

  2. Wow love that bright red color - Please do me a favor dear and post the picture of the kind of chilies that you used for this powder - will look for it in the market - My podis taste great but the chilie makes them browner not bright red like this... And DO PLZ let me know on my bog if you post the picture - Thanks SO much :))

  3. Lovely color...And a very nice idea of doing posts on Summer preserves...

  4. I hope you are doing good. Lovely color, which kind of chili did you use?


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