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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Uppu Mirapakaya (Curd Chillies)

This is in continuation with my earlier post about the things which we do in summer and which is stored for a year and used through out the year.One such food is uppu mirapakaya/Majiga mirapakaya/curd chillies.It is a lengthy process but worth preparing it.It goes very well with hot rice and dal.And i love to eat with curd rice.Once again i didn't do this,my mom did for me.


Big green chillies 100gms
Butter milk 5 cups
Sun (yes you need bright hot sun for the chillies to dry)

Fresh green chillies

Slit the green chillies
Green chillies soaked in the buttermilk
Green chillies soaked for 24hours (they change colour)
Dry them in the hot sun on a cloth or on a plastic paper.It is best on the cloth because we share our terrace i had to opt for plastic paper as the cloth leaves mark on the terrace.
Evening get them back.And again dry them for another day on the plastic sheet.
Dry them in a similar way for another 2 days and they become crispy.

Store in a air tight container.

Deep fry them and serve it with hot rice and sambar.


  1. My mom makes this...Thats a good one with curd rice or kanji...Nice post..

  2. Lovely post..love this so much.

  3. so perfectly made uppu mirapakaya !! LOOks so tempting !! love to have with sambar rice !!

  4. I just love them and always get a batch from my MIL every year..:)

  5. Wow! They're very crunchy and yummy! Nice with curd rice...

  6. This is my fav with curd rice and kadhi chawal

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Wowww.... Uppu mirapakayalu chala bagunnayi.. thanks for sharing !!
    Indian Cuisine

  8. wow, that is soooooooooooo simple. I didn't know it is so simple to make this. I love perugu mirapakaya. I am going to give it a try.

  9. Delicious, amma used to make it a lot.

  10. Omg,havent had this curd chillies, makes me nostalgic..

  11. very nicely and patiently done v :P
    nicely explained recipe, and very easy to follow pictorial

  12. I love this one....we get a special variety in Thanjavur district - the round chillies, which are damn tasty - which are specially meant for making "more milagai" (meaning curd chillies) !!! Its yumm with curd rice....ohhhh...real yummm. :P

  13. We just made a batch of these yummy treats...Love these with curd rice...

  14. I love these but lazy to deep fry them!


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