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Friday, April 29, 2011

Green Chillies Chutney


My granny used to make this to eat it with vadas(garelu) and it is my mom's favourite chutney.



Green chillies fresh 10
Tamarind small pc
Ginger 1/2' pc
Salt as per taste


Grind all the above ingredients preferably in a stone mortar with pestel.Serve with Vadas(garelu)


  1. Wants me to rush to the kitchen to make this recipe immediately....Kurinjikathambam, Event : HRH-Healthy Summer

  2. Is it very hot and spicy ???? We call it the puli-milagai !!! But I am never fond of this one.

  3. @Uma they are hot and spicy and yummy to eat with vadas....

  4. looks fiery....must b gr8 wid vadas..though never tried this combo..

  5. Slurp! Very hot and spicy chutney! It's yummy!

  6. ok, that is super spicy and mouth watering and new. I can almost taste it on my tongue and enjoying it. Love the tempting pics dear :)

  7. looks spicy and new one to me ......

  8. Hot fiery chutney looks super yummy..

  9. love easy recipes like this..

    And i am glad that semolina sandwich came out good for you..Thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know..

  10. I recently found green chillies in Palermo so I will make this, my daughter loves chutneys. We lived in New Delhi for 5 years and my husband travelled to Andra Pradesh. We all love Indian food and miss India so much. I'm following you from Trapani, Sicily.

  11. @Ciccia thanks for coming here and following me....

  12. so spicy and wonderful green chillies chutney !!

  13. wonderful combination spicy snacks

  14. New to me...looks wonderful with vadas.

  15. Green chillies chutney WOW.. Now thats blast fro mthe past , I remember those days in our village especially during harvest time , Grand ma would make 50-60 Roti's in morning and then men and women of the hosue go to the fields to work, and around noon its lunch time and then the food would be those rotis , With Green chilly Chutney and a onion .. and a glass of LASSI.. WOWOWWOWO it use to be and to polish it off with some GUD in the end ..

    I dont know the english name for this little fruit it grows wild especially in desert its like Pygmy watermelon, and in punjabi we called it CHIBAR or CHIBAD .. and it had this tangy taste sometimes that was added ot the chutney ...

    I miss it sometimes ...


  16. Wow what a combo of green chillies,onion and rotis,followed by lassi.......I sometimes eat gud after meals,i eat sweet after food and when i dont find any sweet at home i eat gud.....

    Will google for Chibar or chibad fruit....


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