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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sweet Spicy Sour Vegetable Curry

Sometimes you see something and you will never forget.This recipe is like that to me.I saw and read about the curry long back and wanted to try that very badly.

Very healthy recipe and even my kids too loved it (my kids are fussy eaters and they just hate to eat anything new and that too veggies)

This recipe is from a blog which blog names says it all.It is Healthfood desivideshi by Sangeetha.There was a bread too with this curry but i didn't had guts to make the bread using yeast.I have few flops with yeast and didnt dare to attempt it.I had this curry with fulka and brown bread.I loved to eat it with brown bread.Do hope to Sangeetha's blog for this recipe and for other healthy recipes.


  1. wow, love the picture and title both. Hey, as you used a bookmarked recipe from another blog, please feel free to link it to my "Bookmarked recipe event" :)

  2. making kids eat healthy food is a cumbersome task...your curry looks delicious

  3. I am seriously craving for some Tingmo now, with this soup of course.

  4. Wow this curry sounds interesting, wish to have with some fried rice.

  5. Nice post. Love it color :)


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