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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cheeni (Sugar) Paratha


Wheat flour 2 cups
Fennel seeds 1-2 tbsp
Sugar 1/2 cup
Oil for frying paratha


For filling mix fennel seeds and sugar.

Make smooth dough by kneading flour with enough water.Cover and leave it for 10 minutes
Take a portion of dough and place on a lightly floured flat surface and flatten using rolling pin.

Place a portion of the filling in the center and bring the edges together to sea it well and form a ball.

Now using a rolling pin flatten to make a round paratha.

Fry paratha with oil on a non-stick tawa until golden brown.

Event:-Kids Delight by Srivalli of Spice your life

Recipe Source:-Gulf news magazine.


  1. Sugar Paratha! Sweet! Adding fennel seeds and sugar is different!

  2. This really takes me back to my chldhood time, mom used to make this and we always loved them. Looks yumm. I can imagine the sweet taste .

  3. CHeeni paratha looks beautiful Sarita, i never tried this droolworthy paratha, prefect entry..

  4. i make this for my son...he loves it..

  5. yum yum yummyy my fav. I too make this sweet paratha s but I don't add fennel seeds will sure try for next time tempting recipe saritha...........

  6. I used to love cheeni paratha as a kid. It was a favorite comfort food

  7. Cheeni paratha...was my childhood fav..my mom use to give me if I finish my meal acc. to her wish..

  8. I used to have roti with sugar when i was a kid but never filled rotis with sugar and fennel..sounds very yummy!

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    Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy

  10. Awesome rotis Varunavi...kids are sure to love these rotis :)

  11. My mom would mae it very crispy and shaped like a fish. we loved it.

  12. this looks different.. good to make kids eat!

  13. This used to be my favorite during my childhood..and ofcourse how also I prepare for myself.but never had fennel in it..

  14. parathas are looking delicious saritha....'ll be sure hit with kids

  15. I used to love these sweet roti:)


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