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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shimla Mirchi Kheema / Capsicum Kheema


Pakistan is very famous for its spicy cusine in particular its kababs.Here we have a pakistani restaurant called Karachi Darbar.The kababs he servers are excellent and sometimes it beats indian kababs.And there are many dishes of pakistan which are famous like Mutton Achari,Chicken Achari,Paya,Shimla mirchi kheema and many more.When ever we visit this restaurent mutton achari and shimla mirchi kheema are must in our menu along with kababs.

I googled for the recipe and got one from Jeena's kitchen.Made few changes and the taste was excellent.The recipe is below:-


Minced Meat 250gm

Onion 1 (paste)

Onion 1 (chopped)

Tomatoes 2 (paste)

Capsicum (chopped) 2

Green Chili 2

Ginger garlic paste 2 tbsp

Turmeric 1 tsp

Cumin powder 1 tsp

Garam Masala 1/2 tsp (can be adjusted according to taste)

Cumin Seeds 1/2 tsp

Coriander Seeds 1/2 tsp

Fennel Seeds 1/2 tsp

Dried Mint 1 tbsp

Kasori menthi 1 tbsp

Bay leaf 1


Black Pepper 1/2 tsp

Oil 4 tbsp


Take oil in a pan,add onions and fry until brown in colour.

Add blended onion paste and saute till brown in colour.

Now add tomato paste and ginger garlic paste.Saute till the oil leaves the pan.

Add fennel seeds,cummin seeds,coriander seeds,red chilly powder and turmeric powder.

Saute for 2-3 minutes.

Now add green chillies.Saute for another 1 minute.

Add chopped capsicum and salt.Cover and cook for 3-4 minutes.

Now add kheema (minced meat),cumin powder,pepper powder,bay leaf,garam masala powder,Kasuri menthi and dried mint leaves.Saute for 2-3 mintues.

Add little water and cover and cook till kheema is well cooked.

Serve with parathas or hot rice.

Recipe source :- Jeena's kitchen


  1. Yumm, mirchi kheema looks great and tempting..goes awesome with rotis na...

  2. looks great... I would love to have some...

  3. Looks yummy...want to give it a try...can u tell me how to prepare keema at home....is it possible or hv to buy frm market only.

  4. This dish so tempting Varunavi...lovely presentation :)

  5. Wow this is a wonderful dish to have with roties.

  6. Wow, this is new to me..looks very yummy..shall try and let you know...meanwhile for the concern regarding kadhi...Varunavi,

    Making kadhi is an art I would say,it might take some time to master, i too use to make mess while I was learning..for me this tricked worked..just add a bit more of channa flour to yogurt, then add water, while continuously stirring it until you see it has started to boil..You will be all set

  7. Kheema looks awesome. Mouthwatering dish.

  8. never heard of this version b4..gr8 idea

  9. Wow this looks so yummy dear. Nice idea.

  10. wow perfect choice for roties looks so delicious nice bowl Saritha.

  11. Wow dear...that's an delectable combo...my all time favourite too....

  12. Wow capsicum kheema is making me drool...
    capsicum with kheema is a nice and flavourful addition

  13. gonna try it today:)


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