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Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Dussehra and its delicacies

Happy Vijaydashmi to friends and the readers.I miss the festival atmosphere back home and i dont feel like doing it here but as my kids are small i want them to know what is a festival,what we do on that day,what parasadams we offer to the god and goddess.I remember this day my dad used to do puja for his scooter and mom's tvs and put a big marigold garlands on the both the vehicle.Inspite of having a car here we can't do puja for the car.I made vada,nimakaya pulihora (lemon rice) and booralu.Before the festival day i made murukulu and kajikayalu.Vada/Garelu recipe is here,Borralu/purnalu recipe is here



Nimakaya Pulihora (Lemon rice)

Rice 2 cups
Salt as per taste
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
Juice of 2 lemon

For seasoning
Channa dal few
Udat dal few
Rai few
Red chilly 2
Curry leaves few
Salt as per taste
Oil 5 tbsp


Cook rice.Add turmeric powder and mix thoroughly.
Heat oil,fry peanuts and keep aside.
In the same oil add all the seasoning and when they splutter,add it to the cooked rice.
Add peanuts,salt and mix thoroughly.Lastly add lemon juice slowly to the rice and mix properly.
Kajjikayalu and murukulu recipe will follow in my next post.


  1. perfect recipe for the pooja...yummy

  2. Next year i am comming over to your place.

  3. Happy dushera.. Delicious offerings..!

  4. Happy dussehra Sarita, Lovely spread of prasadams!

  5. OMG Garelu POORnalu MURUKULU,Kajjikayalu hummm that plate looks so tempting saritha.yum yum.

  6. Nice to know that u teach customs and traditions to the kids....happy to see that kajjikayalu....where did u get that mould? looks like u had feast that day.....

  7. I too miss all the celebrations in India Varunavi...we managed to do a small puja for our car by showing some agarbathies and applying little kumkum in the front...divine pictures and prasadams dear :)

  8. Happy Dussehra to you. Thanks for your comments on my post.

  9. Happy Dussera to you. Lovely spread of prasadams.

  10. Happpy dussera to all.

    Lubna i didnt get it,i made it with hand


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