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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Neer Dosa


Dosa is the most preferred breakfast in south india which has become quite popular in the north india as well.Friends who are north indian also prefer dosa for breakfast as it is light,tasty and healthy as well.There are so many versions of dosas.Neer dosa is no fermentation dosa and quite easy to prepare as there is no advance preparation of the batter.Just soad rice for 1 /12 -2 hours (i usually soak it over night and next day morning i grind it) and grind it with fresh coconut.


Rice 1 cup (soaked for 2 hour)
Fresh coconut 4 tbsp
Salt to taste



Grind the soaked rice,fresh coconut and salt to fine paste.

Preheat a non-stick tawa & spread out a ladle full of batter into it. The dosa should be of
medium thickness.Close it a lid for 1/2 minute.

Remove the lid.Now fold it and serve hot with chutney or any curry.

I served it with potato kurma.the recipe is here


  1. easy and yummy dosa varunavi...looks lovely and nice colour..

  2. wow.. nice dosa.. looks nice dear..

  3. Never tried this .. i grind the rice alone & make dosas.. will try this once.iam going to make this kurma today for dinner.will let u know tommorow :)

  4. yeah, being a north indian I can totally agree you on that..this recipe is something new to me but looks healthy n delicious..love that addition of fresh coconut in it..mm...yumm

  5. Nice...i have almost same recipe in my blog too..

  6. Lovely neer dosa, feel like grabbing some..

  7. such an easy dosai to prepare!!!

  8. An easy dosa version!!! I am hungry too!!!

  9. wow, that sounds real simple and very quick too. Love it, will surely give it a try sometime.

  10. This sounds interestin n new to me...lovely presentation dear.

  11. wow the dosa looks delicious .....

  12. simple and delcious dosa.We can make it at any time.

  13. So lovely... I had this in a restaurant recently and loved it very much.. will certainly try this.


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