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Monday, March 09, 2009

Palak Rice



Cooked rice

Onions 1

Zeera 1 tsp

Cinnamon 1

Clove 1

Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp

Green chillies 2

Lime juice 1 tbsp

Oil 2 tbsp

Salt as per taste


  1. Cook rice in regular way

  2. Boil palak with green chillies,strain it and make puree of it.

  3. Heat oil add cinnamon,clove and zeera,when they splutter add onions

  4. Fry onions till pink colour and add ginger garlic paste.

  5. Saute till raw smell of ginger garlic smell goes.

  6. Add palak puree and cook till oil separates.

  7. Add salt and add cooked rice .

  8. Mix thoroughly and add lime juice.

Serve with raita.This recipe i got it from a Pakistani website.Lime juice can be adjusted according to the taste.My kid#1 likes lime,so i used more that 1 tbsp.


  1. Wow vibrant color. Looks yum. Green in food is always comforting. Iam from Guntur.

  2. @Kitchen flavours thanx for quick comment.My mom is from tenali.

  3. Thanks aunty for your lovley comments

  4. Yummy rice recipe. I got an idea for my husband's lunch box,thanks for your lovley comments in my blog and my kids blog, she is very excited to see your comment and follower.

  5. Thanx Janani i want to read more from u
    Thanx vidhas

  6. Palak rice looks healthy and yummy! :) Like the new look of the blog too! Good job Varunavi!

  7. beautiful color! palak rice looks great.

  8. Palak rice superb ga vundi varunavi..eppudu try cheyyaledu..Template marcharu kada..nice one..background is colorful and nice caption..whats cooking?

  9. oh wow thts new! awesome combo - so healthy..thanks for sharing

  10. Dude, Palak rice and background are awesome :)

  11. @Priyasriram i shuld thank u for the slide
    @Anusriram thanx
    @Uma thank u
    @Pooja chala thanx
    @Food fanatic thanx u so much

  12. @Chirag i thank u for the header

  13. This is nice indeed..palak rice...never thought of it before....due one

  14. Palak rice looks very delicious & tempting. Happy Holi !!

  15. OMG lots of recipes in last month...man I was missing hell lot !!! I am in london hotel now....n today they gave spinach and rice as dish and believe me when i say if was half boiled rice with spinach leaves......u cud imagine how i am feeling now....its just so bland and its a very famous hotel!!

  16. nice recipe and beautiful color will mail you now

  17. @sahaja welcome back after long time.I can imagine half boiled rice and spinach leaves,we are used to eating spicy food.U dont have any indian or pakistani hotel near to ur place?

  18. Healthy palak rice looks gorgeous..lovely colour!!

  19. yummy greeny lovely rice.. drooling here varunavi.

  20. Nice to know that your mom is from Tenali.


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