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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Any Guesses

Can anyone guess this????:((

hint: a disaster


  1. Knotted bread? They don't look like disasters but....waiting! :D

  2. They looks good, to my why you call it disaster, is it the shape which went bad?

  3. My guess is the same like Asha's...looks like knotted bread...Looking forward to the post.

  4. mmm....supposed to be pretzels????

  5. hey I dont think that one a disaster.. looking like cookies or badhusha?!.... cant resist post the name soon.

  6. Did you tried any sweet varunavi..

  7. looks like pretzels to me..

  8. hey this one you made with kulcha dough that buns? looks so cute

  9. COOKIES i guess, but Iam sure that you can make a new dish from that disaster too..

  10. I know... its a different kind of murukku! :D

  11. Rolls or something?...what happened?:)

  12. wow ...looks delicious....i am going for knotted bread as well..:D

  13. I am poor in guessing something..looks something new varunavi :)

  14. I thik Asha is right. Look ing forward

  15. @Asha no dear it is not knotted bread
    @Deesha no they are not wheel cookies
    @Happy cook no shapes are perfect but they became so hard that i had to use a hammer to break it
    @Deepa no they are not
    @Sree no they are not pretzels

  16. @Pooja they are not sweets it is a type of bread

    @Preety they are not pretezls

    @Rekha those buns came out very well will try that again,but will try this one again

    @Ramya those are not cookies,they have become so hard

    @Priya no those are not murukku

    @Poornima no they are not rolls

    @Vani no dear they are not pretzels

    @Vishali no dear they are not knotted bread.

    @Lavanya they are new to me hence the diaster

    @Adlak they are cookies/badusha and they are worth posting dear

    @Vidhas no dear they are not knotted bread,see my next comment

    @Vibhas they are not pretzels

  17. Thank you all for the guesses..
    They are supposed to unleavened bread.
    "A flatbread is a simple bread made from flattened dough. Many flatbreads are unleavened—made without yeast"

    Since few days i am getting a urge to bake.
    I got this recipe from a magazine of gulf news.The snaps were so tempting that i tried it.I used the same ingredients what was mentioned but they became so hard that to taste it i had to break it.
    Maybe i over baked it.The taste was dame good but they became hard.

    Thanx a lot for all of u.
    Next i will try knotted bread and pretzels..

  18. They looks like pretzels? they dont like like disaster..

  19. Yes chirag this is a different kind of bread which is known as unleavened bread.

  20. they r in such a good shape.....!!! watever the name is, they seem to b very spongy!!

  21. Nu aruna they are u nleavened bread and they became very hard.


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